New Releases: August 30th, 2017

New Releases: August 30th, 2017

Books from Luke Healy, DJ Bryant and a re-release of Tom Gauld's Goliath highlight this week's slate of new arrivals.




How To Survive in the North

by Luke Healy


Healy's book melds a harrowing true story from the past with a contemporary fictional tale. Following Alaskan expeditions in 1912 and 1916, Healy explores love and loss in a beautiful, colorfully illustrated style reminiscent of Hergé. (192 pages, Nobrow, 2017)


Unreal City

by DJ Bryant


Highlighted here and discussed in length with the author here, the five story collection explores fractured relationships, damaged people and extreme circumstances. (106 pages, 10" x 12.5", Fantagraphics, 2017)



by Tom Gauld


A re-release in paperback for of the classic myth from the giant's point-of-view. Gauld's style combined with a tragic yet humorous tale is a modern classic. (96 pages, 6" x 8.5", Drawn & Quarterly, 2017)

Interview: Lane Milburn

Interview: Lane Milburn

Inside 'Unreal City' by DJ Bryant

Inside 'Unreal City' by DJ Bryant