New Releases: September 13th, 2017

New Releases: September 13th, 2017

This week brings a new Moomin collection, the first issue of a new Fantagraphics anthology and sci-fi collection from Breakdown Press.



Moomin Begins A New Life

by Tove Jansson

Jansson's Moomin books are the most consistent all-ages books on shelves. The character is thrown into real life situations with real consequences that children can learn from and adults can relate to. The newest book deals with conformity and the pursuit of happiness. (40 pages, 8.5"x6", Drawn & Quarterly, 2017)



Now #1

by Fantagraphics Books

From Fantagraphics Books and editor Eric Reynolds (editor of the previous MOME anthology) comes a new anthology: Now. The first edition, with contributions from creators like Noah Van Sciver, Eleanor Davis, Antoine Cosse, Tommi Parish and Daria Tessler (with many more), kicks off the new endeavor right. (128 pages, 7.25" x 10.125", Fantagraphics Books, 2017)

berserker 1.jpg

Berserker #1

by Breakdown Press


Another new anthology, this one from Breakdown Press in the UK, unites artists from all over the world for short entries and interviews, largely centered around sci-fi concepts. Comics by Anya Davidson, Lane Milburn, Lando and more as well as interviews with Robert Beatty (also the cover artist) and Joey Holder are presented in a perfectly printed small package. (68 pages, 168 x 260mm, Breakdown Press, 2017) 

Inside 'Mountebank' by d.w.

Inside 'Mountebank' by d.w.

Inside 'Klaus Magazine No. 3' by Richard Short

Inside 'Klaus Magazine No. 3' by Richard Short